EDAN F9 Express Fetal Monitor

EDAN F9 Express Fetal Monitor
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EDAN F9 Express Fetal Monitor provide solutions for all areas of fetal monitoring, ranging from antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum clinical applications.

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Τhe F9 Express Fetal Monitor is a compact device suitable for monitoring the fetus and contraction of the interest rate matrix as well as for monitoring the latest technology parameters.

It can be monitoring the heart rate of the fetus either single or double pregnancies via external 1.0 MHz frequency detectors.

The Heart rate sensor have 12 crystals

It also can be monitoring the heart rate of the fetus via a Scalp electrode.

The Fetal Monitor can measure intrauterine pressure with an external detector as well as through a catheter.

The Fetal Monitor is also measurements:

  • Electrocardiogram of the mother rate with three lead cable capable of displaying the ECG waveform and measuring from 30 to 240 pulses per minute.
  • Pulse Rate Oximetry with Multi-finger Sensor Display and Measuring from 50 to 100%. Finally, and the waveform.
  • Blood Pressure Manually and Automatically Measuring and Systolic, Diastolic and Mean Pressure Measurement.
  • Temperature sensor with body or esophagus / rectum sensor and temperature display on the monitor screen.

The F9 Express uses a 220 volt 50 Hz mains voltage. As well as a built-in, rechargeable battery with continuous operation for up to 2 hours.

It has a 12.1-inch color TFT / LCD touch screen display to illustrate the heart rate (s) of the uterine contraceptive embryos, the trace of the above and the monitored interest rate parameters as well as the monitor programming.

It has 60 hours of memory to store data and redial.

It has alarms with adjustable limits for each parameter individually.

It has a program for transferring the data in real time to a computer, notes and reports, patient information, A4 printing, and file processing in PDF and JPG format.

The F9 Express Fetal Monitor carries an automatic motion detector of the embryo or fetus, and has an external episode marker for the interest rate.

The cardiograph can display different user selection screens.

It has a built-in thermal logger for recording embryonic pulses and contraction of the uterus as well as the monitored parameters of the interest rate.

In the case of double pregnancy, pulse recording is automatically performed on two differential scales, including the scale of the uterine contraction. It also records the date and time, the automatic detection of the fetal movement.

The Fetal Monitor has the capability to connect with a heartbeat pulse probe and endometrial contraction and telemetry.

The F9 Express Fetal Monitor is able to connect to a central station via an Ethernet network wired as well as wirelessly.

It is designed to meet international safety and performance standards and have, as required, CE Marking.

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