Smokerlyzer Pico+

Smokerlyzer Pico+
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The piCO+ smokerlyzer carbon monoxide monitor is the leader in a new generation of breath carbon monoxide monitors.

Breath CO monitor by Bedfont - Helping people to stop smoking, one breath at a time. It is used as a motivational stop smoking aid by health professionals all over the world.
The pico+ breath CO analyzer is handheld, accurate and easy to use. It provides a low cost and clinically proven way to determine carbon monoxide levels, motivating people to quit smoking and stay smoke free for good.
piCO+ Features
  • Analyses carboxyhaemoglobin and carbon monoxide levels in a single breath
  • Clinically proven stop smoking help
  • Options for testing adults, adolescents and pregnant women
  • Easy-to-read liquid crystal display
  • Exact results displayed instantly
  • On-screen instructions with audio prompts
  • Compatible with COdata+ PC software
  • Automatic maintenance reminders
The piCO+ is designed for use as a motivational aid in smoking cessation.
Ideal for use alongside stop smoking help programmes such as group therapy or NRT
User profiles for adults, adolescents and pregnant women, plus custom profiles with COdata+
Also used for the screening of carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation
Also screens for CO poisoning in non-smoking patients (e.g. from a faulty boiler)
Stop smoking help for young people
Young people's breath carbon monoxide levels are typically lower than adults’. These lower readings may reduce the impact of carbon monoxide monitoring with the piCO+. To combat this, the piCO+ has the facility of switching from 'adult' to 'adolescent' settings. The adolescent setting has lower cut-off points to differentiate between smoking statuses to make sure that the piCO+ has the same motivational effect with young people as it does with adults.
Stop smoking help for pregnant women
The risk of underdevelopment, low birth weight and other birth defects caused by smoking in pregnancy are well documented. However, many pregnant women need support and the advice of a health professional in order to give up. The piCO+ enables mothers to see the carbon monoxide level in their foetus, providing visual motivation for them to stop smoking.
How it works
The piCO+ analyses the amount of carbon monoxide in a single exhaled breath. It uses this reading to automatically calculate the percentage of carboxyhaemoglobin in the blood.
Carrying out a test is easy: simply press the button, follow the on-screen instructions, and exhale into the monitor through the Flatpak mouthpiece. Results are displayed instantly in exact parts per million (ppm) for carbon monoxide, and as a percentage for carboxyhaemoglobin (%COHb). Six twin LEDs light up using a green, amber and red ‘traffic light’ system to represent the level of carbon monoxide.

The advisor pack comes with a piCO Smokerlyzer together with an operating manual, 12 D-pieces, 25 mouthpieces, computer software, pregnancy and CO pack, infection control guide, cleansing wipes, batteries, Smokerlyzer chart, 2 posters and a new handy carry case.
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