Nonin 9840 Series capnograph & pulse oximeter

Nonin 9840 Series capnograph & pulse oximeter
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Capnograph & pulse oximeter by Nonin allows simultaneous or independent use of SpO2 and CO2 detection. It is available in 2 versions: Nonin 9843 and Nonin 9847.

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Capnograph & pulse oximeter, the versatile 9840 series by Nonin, is indicated for use in measuring and displaying functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2), pulse rate, and approximate carbon dioxide (CO2) changes in the airway of intubated patients. These functions may be used separately or simultaneously.

Capnograph & pulse oximeter is a hand-held, battery-operated, noninvasive monitoring device that has visible and audible indicators for tracking patient status. It will operate for 90 hours continuously between battery replacements when used for pulse oximetry alone, or for 20 hours continuously when used for both CO2 detection and pulse oximetry. As a truly durable and portable pocket-size handheld monitor, the capnograph & pulse oximeter will hold up in the most demanding environments and provide 24 hours of data storage when documentation is needed.

The portable 9840 series combines proven pulse oximetry technology with reliable CO2 detection, making it ideal for reliable spot-check and continuous monitoring in numerous clinical settings including patient transport and emergency use.

Product Highlights:

Versatile simultaneous or independent operation of pulse oximeter & CO2 detector
Proven used by patient transport and emergency professionals worldwide
Flexible choice of non-alarm, no breath alarm, or full-alarm features
"First Breath" active - No warm-up required
Rugged drop and vibration tested
Easy to use - Intuitive key pad
Efficient 20 hours of battery life monitoring CO2 and %SpO2, 90 hours %SpO2 only
Cost effective - No calibration required

Select your options !
Capnograph & pulse oximeter is available in non-alarm version Nonin 9843 and audible alarm version Nonin 9847.

The package includes:

Capnograph & pulse oximeter
Operator’s manual
Adult articulated finger clip sensor
Carbon dioxide sensor
Airway adapter tubes
6 AA size alkaline batteries

20 cm
5 cm
10 cm
0.40 kg
Data sheet
310 g
3 years