Zamst lower leg brace SS-1 left leg

Zamst lower leg brace SS-1
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Zamst lower leg brace SS-1 left leg provides support and reduction of pain.  It is lightweight material for comfort while allows ventilation during activity.

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Zamst lower leg brace SS-1 left leg is a lightweight lower leg brace that provides support and a reduction of pain for those who suffer from Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, also known as Shin Splints. This kind of effects are found mainly in individuals with increased physical activity such as running, jumping and standing for long periods.

The dual density P-Tech pad provides a counter compressive force along the lower 1/3 of the leg to help reduce the pain typically associated with MTSD or Shin Splints. With it’s a-Fit technology and ROM-Tech, the Zamst lower leg brace SS-1 provides an anatomically correct and proper fir around the lower leg.

The Zamst lower leg brace SS-1 open panel design and a-Fit technology provide an individualized fit while Grip Tech helps the brace adhere to the skin to maintain position on the individual while in motion.

In addition the Flyweight material of SS-1’s lower leg brace provides an ultra-thin, lightweight material for comfort while the V-Tech allows ventilation during activity.


Measure the circumference of the leg 14cm (5.5”) above the center of the inner ankle.
Small for Leg Circumference 8 – 10.25 cm
Medium for Leg Circumference 10.25 – 12.5 cm
Large for Leg Circumference 12.5 – 15 cm

Available for left foot.

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