Mamivac Lactive

Mamivac Lactive
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Portable, electric breastpump by Kaweco Mamivac for active and working mothers.

Mobility - Flexibility - Quality
The comfortable 2-phase breastpump with double pumping for active and working mothers.
  • The mamivac 2-phase technology simulates the baby’s sucking
  • Additional visual stimulation by mounting a photo of the baby
  • Continuously adjustable vacuum for highest pumping comfort
  • Gentle and safe – extremely compact
  • Time saving through simultaneous expressing from both breasts → double pumping
  • Maintenance-free, powerful device
  • Germ free – patented protective diaphragm in the suction kit offers the best possible protection and safety for mother and child
  • More mobility with 12V car adapter (car cable available as optional accessory) and available, high-quality fashionable mamivac soft shoulder bag (REF 283014)
Germ free
The patented protective diaphragm in the suction kit hermetically seals the breastpump and the hose against breast milk, bacteria and germs. This ensures a maintenance-free pump giving mother and child greatest possible safety.
1.40 kg