Authorised MOBIAK Care reseller

MOBIAK S.A was founded in 1997 and constitutes one of the largest companies in Greece and one of the faster-developing companies in the Balkans and Europe as regards the construction and the trading of medical equipment. The company started with the production of medical oxygen, covering not only the needs of hospitals but also the needs of oxygen therapy at home. The production of medical oxygen has set strong fundamentals in the company for the development of commercial and technical departments with the latest technology breathing devices for oxygen therapy, sleep apnea.

In the following years, the catalog has been enriched with a larger range of items Home/ health care appropriate for a wide range of applications, such as orthopedic items, medical equipment, diagnostic and treatment devices, applications specific to spine aids/ holders for upper/lower edges and head , medical supplies and hospital equipment.

The basic range of medical products consists of Oxygen therapy bottles and devices, Nebulization devices, Wheelchairs, Breathing support appliances, Nursing beds, Hospital equipment, Doctor’s office equipment, Anti-decubitus products, Orthopedic items, Daily care aids, Physiotherapy products

Wheelchairs safety belt 0808364
(tax incl.)
Ships in 4 - 10 days
Wheelchair safety belt, made to protect and keep stable the person who uses the wheelchair, with adjustable length of 80-140 cm that make it suitable for any type of wheelchair.
Medical trolley 0806586
(tax incl.)
Ships in 4 - 10 days
Medical trolley 0806586 designed from plastic material in the color of wood with metal side surfaces and dimensions of 50x50x64cm.