Authorised HeartSine reseller

HeartSine products are developed and manufactured by HeartSine Technologies, Ltd., in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and are part of the Stryker company. In 2001, HeartSine defibrillators were introduced for the first time, which are simple to use so that even non-professionals can easily use them.

HeartSine defibrillators are fully automatic and enable real-time CPR. Easy-to-understand visual and voice prompts guide the rescuer through the resuscitation process, providing specific feedback on the force and rate of compressions. Biphasic SCOPE technology, a low-energy scaling waveform, automatically adjusts for differences in patient resistance.

The entire HeartSine defibrillator range:

  • Comes with a 10-year factory warranty
  • Includes voice instructions in Greek
  • It has an extremely low weight, less than 2 Kg
  • It is suitable for all ages, with corresponding electrodes

At, you can find the whole range of HeartSine defibrillators as well as their electrodes and batteries, ideal for use in public places, hospitals, or medical centers.