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The German company Erler Zimmer is a first-class manufacturer of medical aids specializing in the production and marketing of teaching materials for science and medical education for over 70 years and contributes to increasing the quality of education in all fields of medicine.

The company uses modern product design with the latest CAD technologies, including state-of-the-art color 3D printing as well as optimized management and production processes using SAP that ensure fast and customer-oriented processing of all projects. Each product undergoes quality control and the final assembly is done by hand.

The Erler Zimmer has a comprehensive range of high-quality training aids and anatomical models used around the world, ensuring that medical staff around the world are even better trained.

Erler Zimmer 4006 spinal column
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The Erler Zimmer 4006 spinal column model is ideal for the natural casting of the human vertebral column, with a removable pelvis, and ideal for educational use.