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Precision scales and height measuring instruments for the doctor, dietitian or personal use by Charder
Carry bag ST-3571
(tax incl.)
Ships in 4-10 days
Carry bag for Charder scales MS5710, MS5711, MS6111 and MS6121R. Lightweight; only 400gr, with dimensions 37 x 43 x 12 cm.
Floor scale MS6121R
(tax incl.)
Upon order
Charder MS6121R medical floor scale with wireless display, which is capable of connecting with three separated platforms at the same time.
Baby scale MS3500
(tax incl.)
Upon order
Baby weighing scale by Charder with gentle curvature and sharp accuracy as tip of a pin! It features 20Kg capacity with 5gr graduation until 10Kg and 10gr until 20kg
charder MG4800 hand dynamometer
(tax incl.)
Ships in 4 - 10 days
charder MG4800 hand dynamometer, digital with special design, ideal for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities, occupational therapists, rehab doctors.