Maltron disposable electrodes

Maltron disposable electrodes
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Set of 100 disposable electrodes for all Maltron body fat analysers!

Pack of 100 disposable Maltron Electrodes for use with all Maltron Body Fat Analysers, including the Maltron Body Fat Analyser 900 and the Maltron Body Fat Analyser 906.

The Maltron Body Fat Analysers use the scientific tetrapolar method of four electrodes which are applied to the right side of the body on the hand, wrist, foot and ankle.

On entering all the parameters and resting in supine position with hands and legs slightly apart, the Maltron Body Fat Analyser is activated. The processing power of Maltron Body Fat Analysers analyse the data and displays the statistics within seconds.

Bio-electrical Impedance is a scientific word used to describe our body's ability to resist (slow down) electricity as it flows through us.

Maltron Analyzers measure the flow of electrical signals as they pass through Fat, Lean tissue and water, each resisting the flow of electrical signals at different rates giving us a highly reliable and accurate measure of the amounts of each of these components.

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