Maltron Body Fat Analyser BF-900

Maltron Body Fat Analyser BF-900
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A highly accurate and non-invasive instrument that quickly separates an individual’s weight in to fat, lean and water!

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Offering a safe, quick and simple means of analysing a subject’s body composition, the Maltron BF-900 displays body fat percentage, target fat percentage, body impedance and basal metabolic rate (BMR) and is suitable for use in a wide range of environments including medical, research and fitness.

This portable, battery operated analyser is pre-calibrated and uses the scientific tetrapolar method of four electrodes which are applied to the right side of the body on the hand, wrist, foot and ankle. On entering all parameters and resting in supine position with hands and legs slightly apart, the Maltron BF-900 is activated. The processing power of the BF-900 analyses the data and displays the statistics within seconds.

Bio-electrical Impedance is a scientific term to describe our body's ability to resist electricity as it flows through us. The Maltron BF-900 measures the flow of electrical signals as they pass through fat, lean tissue and water, each resisting the flow of electrical signals at different rates giving us a highly reliable measure of the amounts of each of the components.

The assessment of human body composition in determining the nutritional status and fluid monitoring of individuals or a population, is an important factor in which Maltron Analysers are indispensable measuring tools.

It has 50kHz frequency, a graduation at 0.1%, impedance 200-1000 ohms, power supply 1x9v battery and 12 months of warranty.

The body fat (%) can monitor the effect of weight loss program. Has target fat % (min/max) and working with the basal metabolic rate (BMR) (Kcal). Also checks the body impedance. It is non intrusive.

The product Includes a BF-900 analyser, Maltron electrode cables, Maltron electrodes, a battery and an operating manual.

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