Body composition analyzer InBody 120

Body composition analyzer InBody 120
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Portable fat meter InBody 120 by Biospace with elegant design and easy to carry, ideal for fast and effectual measurements.

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The body composition analyzer InBody 120 is lightweight fat meter, easy for use and transport. The duration of measurement is about 15''. Features technology InBody and bluetooth.
It's possible the print of the results, historic preservation and display of graphs.

The body composition analyzer InBody 120 calculates weight, skeletal muscle mass (SMM), adipose tissue, total body water (TBW), fat-free mass (FFM) and body mass index (BMI).

Also the fat meter, calculates visceral fat (scale), basal metabolic rate (BMR) and features auto somatometric (waist / hip ratio - WHR).

Controls muscle tissue, fat, weight, and has partial breakdown fat and fat-free mass in 5 parts of the body. Review the overall situation.

The body composition analyzer InBody 120 connected with personal computer via bluetooth. Possibility of print with the software Lookin'Body and optionally with thermal printer.

Optionally detachable column and transport bag. It weights 4.3 kg and its' dimensions are  392 x 434 x 55,2 mm. The weight range is 5 - 250 kg and the age range is 3 - 99.

4.50 kg