OMRON M4 Intelli IT Blood pressure monitor HEM-7155T

OMRON M4 Intelli IT Blood pressure monitor HEM-7155T
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M4 OMRON Intelli IT blood pressure monitor, with arrhythmia detection technology, with a memory of 60 measurements, ability to connect via Bluetooth to a Smartphone, and on-screen display in case the pressure value is out of the normal range.

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M4 OMRON Intelli IT blood pressure monitor is a certified sphygmomanometer from the European Hypertension Society and is certified for use by diabetics and pregnant women.

It is specially designed with arrhythmia detection technology, and in this way, the device can detect abnormal heartbeats. It is extremely easy to use at one touch of a button, is able to measure his blood pressure with great accuracy.

It also has motion detection, to detect any movement of the human body during the measurement, for better and more accurate results.

With Omron application for Android and iPhone devices, the user is able to manage the progress of their measurements, and all the necessary information for their pressure. This way, user can share results with a doctor, and follow instructions. Furthermore, via Bluetooth, it can quickly connect the blood pressure monitor to a mobile phone.

M4 OMRON Intelli IT blood pressure monitor includes the unique Intelli Wrap arm cuff, which ties around the arm and measures pressure with great accuracy, even if it is placed incorrectly. It has a size of 22-42 cm and is suitable for overweight people.

If the pressure is out of the normal range, the M4 OMRON Intelli IT blood pressure monitor has an on-screen display to warn you. It also detects any arrhythmias, detecting abnormal pulses. Also, if there is movement during the measurement, M4 OMRON Intelli IT blood pressure monitor detects it for maximum accuracy.

Details for M4 OMRON Intelli IT blood pressure monitor:

  • Pulse accuracy: -5%
  • Pressure accuracy: -3 mmHg
  • Memory: 2 users x 60 readings
  • With body movement detection
  • Detects unstable heartbeat
  • Instructions for correct arm cuff placement
  • With Intellisense technology
  • Suitable for stroke warning
  • Length: 10.5cm
  • Height: 8.50cm
  • Width: 15.2cm
  • Weight: 340gr
  • Warranty: 5 years

The package includes:

  • Blood pressure monitor M4 OMRON Intelli IT
  • Storage case
  • Instructions for use
  • Installation instructions
  • Batteries
0.60 kg
Data sheet
5 years
Additional functions
Irregular Pulse Detection
Factor Analysis
Αrrhythmias detection
Βlood pressure
ESH (European Society of Hypertension)
Manufacturer reference
Upper arm