AND UA-767S-W blood pressure monitor

AND UA-767S-W blood pressure monitor
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AND UA-767s-w blood pressure monitor is an upper arm, digital blood pressure monitor, with new advanced functions for more accurate and faster measurements.

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AND UA-767s-w upper arm digital blood pressure monitor is clinically validated to BHS highest protocol grade (A/A). Features 60-memory and average reading, cuff fit error indicator, movement error indicator and WHO blood pressure classification indicator.

AND UA-767s-w blood pressure monitor displays systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse simultaneously. Additionally, this automatic blood pressure monitor features new optimized indications of frequency for arrhythmia.

AND UA-767s-w operates with simple batteries and comes with a universal cuff slim fit (22- 42 cm) for normal or thick arms. Easy to use, with fuzzy logic function (lets pre-test during the compression) and low battery indication.

According to BHS protocol (British Hypertention Society), AND UA-767s-w blood pressure monitor has received the highest protocol grade of clinical assessment. This electronic blood pressure monitor automatically turns off after 1 minute in order to save battery life, has a special storage case and 4 years warranty.

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4 years
Additional functions
Irregular Pulse Detection
Factor Analysis
Αrrhythmias detection
Βlood pressure
BHS (British Hypertension Society)
ESH (European Society of Hypertension)
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