Glycated Hemoglobin Analyser Quo-Lab

Glycated Hemoglobin Analyser Quo-Lab
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Quo-Lab Analyser, fast and accurate, easy to use with ergonomic design.

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The Quo-Lab Hb A1c Analyser is a point of care device designed specifically to meet the needs of clinics and laboratories. A simple procedure delivers lab-accurate test results within four minutes (CV < 3% at 7% A1c) from a venous or finger prick blood sample of just 4μl.

Quo-Lab's step by step instructions are displayed on a clear, multi-lingual display. Training time is thus kept to a minimum, allowing nurses and clinicians to concentrate on patient care.

The Quo-Lab HbA1c Analyzer can store up to 7,000 patient results. Alternatively results can be downloaded to a PC using a USB cable.
The Quo-Lab Analyser  uses the patented Boronate Fluorescence Quenching Technology (BFQT) method associated with simple yet powerful multiple optical measurements. Because BFQT does not require chromatographic separation, the methodology allows for fast, simple and accurate point of care HbA1c measurement.

The Quo-Lab BFQT  method has the added advantage of not being affected by hemoglobin variants (which do not result in reduced erythrocyte life span), labile glycated hemoglobin or hematocrit levels

The level of precision provide by the Quo-Lab point of care design is certified with the IFCC certification it features.
The Glycated Hemoglobin Analyser Quo-Lab's features are:
  • Results within 4 minutes
  • Measuring range: 4-15% A1c DCCT
  • Imprecision: CV < 3% at 7%A1c DCCT
  • Unaffected by Hb variants, which do not result in reduced erythrocyte life span
  • Traceable to the IFCC reference method
  • Barcode reader to scan calibration data, patient and operator ID
  • Stores up to 7,000 results
  • User selectable dual reporting. User can select (DCCT, IFCC mmol/mol, eAG mg/dl or eAG mmol/l)
  • USB port
  • Barcode reader to scan calibration data, patient and operator ID
  • Stores up to 7,000 results
  • Small and lightweight (95 mm x 205 mm x 135 mm) and just 700 grams
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95 x 205 x 135 mm
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