Stat-Site MHgb Hemoglobin Testing

Stat-Site  MHgb Hemoglobin Testing
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The truly portable STAT-Site MHgb Test System is designed for the point-of-care market where patient-side blood analysis is desired.

STAT-Site MHgb - Power in the Palm of Your Hand - Truly Portable Hemoglobin Testing

Advanced - The STAT-Site MHgb uses state-of-the-art electronics designed for optimum performance and reliability. Self-prompting graphics guide you through the simple test procedure. The MHgb Meter even includes a Last Result feature that allows you to recall the last hemoglobin result.

Simple - Hemoglobin testing is quick and easy, reducing personnel training and improving performance. Unlike competing systems, the STAT-Site MHgb is virtually maintenance-free.

Powerful -With one single drop of fingerstick blood, the STAT-Site MHgb system provides precise hemoglobin analysis in seconds. Treatment can begin immediately, improving patient outcomes and lowering costs.

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Stat-Site MHgb brochure

Stat-Site MHgb Hemoglobin Testing brochure

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