HemoCue WBC DIFF System

HemoCue WBC DIFF System
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The new system for quantitative measurement of the total number of white blood cells more

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The HemoCue WBC DIFF is the latest technological innovation from HemoCue, a point-of-care system that provides a quantitative determination of white blood cells with a five part differential count including neutrophils, lymfocytes, monocytes, eosinphils and basophils.

The advanced technology in the WBC DIFF is based on techniques known from manual microscope counting. The HemoCue WBC DIFF just simplifies, downs sizes and speeds up the process. The system requires only a drop of blood - 10µL – from a finger stick or venous sample. In the microcuvette, red cells are lyzed by an hemolyzing agent and white cells are stained by methylene blue. The camera in the analyzer takes 37 images throughout the cuvette, and the cells are counted by image analysis and classified into each subgroup. A lab accurate result is achieved within less than five minutes.

The advanced technology of the HemoCue WBC DIFF can speed up the process from assessment to treatment. The results may help to determine whether an infection is viral or bacterial. It could help to monitor response to treatment, or guide next steps in patients with fever or unspecified symptoms. Immediate access to results while the patient is still in the office will enable conclusive decisions, saving time and consultations.

HemoCue WBC System

The HemoCue WBC system is the first generation of HemoCue cell counters. The system provides quantitative results, at the point-of care, of a patient's white blood cell count in about 3 minutes. This will assist the physician in evaluating a patient's condition, while the patient is still in his/her office.

Why to choose HemoCue WBC/WBC DIFF System

  • Lab accurate results in about 3 minutes ( HemoCue WBC ) and in about 5 minutes (HemoCue WBC DIFF)

  • White blood cell count in the range of 0.3-30.0 x 109/L

  • Simple operation

  • No calibration or instrument adjustment needed

  • Convenient cuvette technology

  • Portable - AC adapter or battery operated

  • Capillary/venous samples can be used - 10 µL sample size

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