ResMed Lumis 100 VPAP ST

ResMed Lumis 100 VPAP ST
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ResMed Lumis VPAP ST is a mid-level noninvasive ventilator (BiLevel) for non-dependent patients (weighing 13kg and over) who need the security of a backup rate.

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ResMed Lumis 100 VPAP ST has Climate Control, with the H5i heated humidifier and Climate Line MAX tube, maintains ideal humidification according to real-time environment, easy-breath motor offers the quietest therapy available. The ResMed Lumis 100 VPAP ST  is easy to use and has colour LCD monintor make menu navigation simple and intuitive. The SlimLine and ClimateLine tubes are exceptionally slim and lightweight, virtually eliminating tube drag.
Treatment technologies:

  • Vsync manages leak and maintains patient–device synchrony (in S, ST and T modes)
  • TiControl manages leak by controlling the patient’s inspiratory time limit according to disease state (in S and ST modes)
  • Trigger and cycle sensitivities control the sensitivity with which the device detects the start of inspiration and expiration (in S and ST modes)

Additionally, the optional Power station by ResMed, can give you an autonomy use of more than 9 hours.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 116mm x 225mm x 150mm
  • Weight: 1115 gr
  • Noise: 26.6 dBA (P= 10cmH2O)
  • Operating Pressure Range: 4-25 cmH20
  • Wireless Technology: 2G GSM
  • Power Supply: 90W
  • Power Supply Range: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Use in Plane: 110V, 400Hz
  • Typical Power Consumption: 53W
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 104W

ResMed has successfully completed testing for the respiratory assistive devices described in this letter. The devices listed below comply with RTCA/DO-160G, Section 21, Category M, and are considered FAA compliant.
The DC/DC Converter 24V/90W allows users to operate an Lumis 100 VPAP ST device including a HumidAir Chamber and ClimateLineAir from a 12V or 24V DC power source in a car, boat, or other vehicle equipped with a suitable battery. Additionally, the optional Power station II by ResMed, can give you an autonomy use of more than
12 hrs.

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