Philips Respironics A40 BiPAP device

Philips Respironics A40 BiPAP device
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Philips Respironics A40 BiPAP device, with double-positive pressure and 6 different ventilation modes, suitable for 24-hour use.

The Philips Respironics A40 BiPAP is a non-invasive ventilator that uses airway support administered through a face mask instead of an endotracheal tube. It is suitable for patients who suffer from respiratory diseases. It offers double-positive pressure suitable for 24-hour use and 6 different ventilation modes: CPAP, S, ST, T, PC and AVAPS-AE.

The Philips Respironics A40 BiPAP has been designed to combine ease of use and comfort with technological innovations that adapt a patient’s conditions to deliver enhanced therapy. Based on a familiar platform, BiPAP A40 comes with well-known and clinically proven Philips Respironics technology such as Auto-Trak, AVAPS and a Dry Box humidifier design. It is capable of non-invasive and invasive pressure ventilation, up to 40 cmH2O, providing treatment for chronic insufficiency respiratory patients and, autonomy and increased support to patients, thanks to its specifically designed battery module.

The device features AVAPS-AE, a new ventilation mode that helps in providing long-term therapy compliance regardless of changes to the body position, sleep stages and respiratory mechanics.

The Philips Respironics A40 BiPAP can provide autonomy and increased support to patients, thanks to its specifically designed battery module. It provides 5 hours of uninterrupted backup power, giving patients access to respiratory support during daily activities.

The Philips Respironics A40 BiPAP manages therapy data efficiently, can be connected to DirectView and EncorePro software to manage therapy data. The device's internal memory and an SD card can record up to 1 year of ventilation therapy data.

The A40 BiPAP has the ability to display oximetry and ventilation data on one screen. The A40 BiPAP is compatible with the Philips oximetry module, so physicians and users can view SpO2 and heart rate alongside ventilation therapy data on the screen. This data can also be included as graphs or statistics on EncorePro and DirectView reports.


IPAP 4-40 cm H2O
EPAP 4-25 cm H2O
Ventilation modes CPAP, S, S/T, PC, T, AVAPS-AE
Breath rate 0-40 bpm
AVAPS rate 0.5 - 5cm H2O/min
Rise time 1 (100ms) - 6 (600ms)
Inspiratory time 0.5 - 3 seconds
DC power source 12VDC, 5.0A
External battery 24VDC, 4.2A
Battery backup 11 hours at IPAP 15/EPAP 4cm H2O and 12 BPM
Noise level 30 dBa at 10cm water
Size 21.6 cm W x 19cm L x 11.5 cm H
Weight 2.1 Kg (with power supply)
Alarms Patient disconnection, apnea, low minute ventilation, low tidal volume, high respiratory rate
Monitoring Pressure, tidal volume, minute ventilation, respiration rate, leak
Warranty 2 years

The package includes:

  • Device
  • Filters
  • Tubing
  • Power cord
  • User manual
  • SD card

The humidifier is not included in the contents of this package.

3.50 kg