BiPAP SEFAM Dreamstar Duo S

BiPAP Dreamstar Duo Evovle S
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BiPAP Dreamstar Duo S by SEFAM France featuring Adapt Mode & FlowSens algorithm for effective sleep disorders treatment at home

BiPAP SEFAM Dreamstar Duo S manufactured by Sefam is designed to help physicians achieve more effective treatment and maximum compatibility between patient and device.

  • Heated Humidifier (optional) code 515760
  • 365-day Data Recording
  • Last 45 days Data Recording on export card

Innovative Characteristics of the SEFAM BiPAP Dreamstar Duo S:

  • ADAPT mode
    It allows the physician to determine the optimal treatment parameters in a simpler and faster way in Real Time conditions.
  • I-Ramp
    Intelligent system that detects if the patient sleeps before the specified ramp time and starts treatment immediately.
  • Auto Calibration
    A special automatic calibration function that ensures that the programmed pressure in the device is delivered with absolute accuracy to the patient, taking into account the circuit and the mask that are mediated between the patient and the device. It makes the device compatible with any combination of mask and the 22mm or 15mm patient tube.
    This technology, by analyzing the patient's breathing cycle, can increase pressure during inhalation and lower the pressure during exhalation without affecting its healing. This technology achieves less breathing resistance and greater inhalation comfort.
  • Humidifier temperature control technology.
    Innovative humidity and ambient temperature control system to eliminate Rain Out in the tube-mask circuit.
  • Flow Sens algorithm
    Detects and compensates for leakages of the patient's mask or tube in Real Time conditions.
    Can connect an external rechargeable 12V battery for use off-line using (optional).

Warranty 3 Years

3 kg
Data sheet
1,4 kg
23 cm
12 cm
20 cm

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