BiPAP Dreamstar Duo ST

BiPAP Auto Dreamstar Duo ST
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BiPAP Auto DreamStar Duo ST is intended for the non-invasive ventilation of patients suffering from respiratory failure or Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

DreamStar Duo ST manufactured by Sefam is intended for the non-invasive ventilation of patients suffering from respiratory failure or Sleep Apnea Syndrome but are not dependant on ventilatory assistance.

The activation of the ADAPT function, when the device is operational, allows to display a page of main screen indicating the values of tidal volume, respiratory rate, average leak and inspiratory time of the last cycle. This feature allows the practitioner to define optimum treatment parameters in a simpler and fastest way.

BiPAP DreamStar Duo ST adjust automatically the triggering levels of inspiratory and expiratory phases of the patient breathing and answer instantaneously to any patient respiratory changes.

BiPAP DreamStar Duo ST detects and compensates mask or patient circuit leaks but also adjust the device parameters to ensure optimal therapy performances in presence of leaks. In addition, to be able to answer to other special patient needs, the advance setting menu gives access to customized setting for these inspiratory and expiratory trigger levels and the pressure rise time settings.

Compliance data are stored for 365 days in the internal memory of the device. The last 16 hours of the patient’s actual flow data provides in addition extra useful  information about the effectiveness of the therapy.

BiPAP DreamStar Duo ST may be used either with a water reservoir for humidification or without humidification by replacing the water reservoir with a cover.


EPAP : from 3 cm H20 to IPAP or 20 cm H20 (+/-0.5 cm H₂O)
IPAP : from EPAP or 3 cm H20 to 25 cm H20 (+/-0.5 cm H₂O)
Comfort pressure : from 3 cm H20 to EPAP
Ramp duration : 0 to 45 minutes adjustable by 5 minutes
Max. flow for 1 cm H2O pressure drop at the patient output : 180 lpm at 20 cmH2O without humidifier
Noise level <30 dΒ
ISENS & ESENS : from 1 to 10
Pressure Rise Time : from 1 to 5
Back-up rate (DuoST) : from 0  to 25 bpm
I/E ratio (DuoST) : from 1/4 to 1/0.5
Size : 20 cm wide X 23 cm deep X 12 cm high
Weight : 1,5 kg with humidifier; 1,4 kg without humidifier
Filter : Cleanable standard or disposable HEPA
Can run on external battery
Power supply :  Input range 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power supply on battery : 13 V
Power consumption : 50 VA max without humidifier; 90 VA with humidifier at setting 10

2 kg
Data sheet
1,4 kg
23 cm
12 cm
20 cm

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