Bathroom safety handle with suction cups 40cm (16")

Bathroom safety handle 40,64cm with plunger 16''
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The bathroom safety handle with 40cm length and safety suction cups is made of ABS material and can be used either vertically or horizontally.

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The bathroom safety handle with suction cups, for great application on the wall, is made of the resistant material ABS.

The wall-mounted safety handle is suitable for people with mobility difficulties, as well as for people, like the elderly who have insecure and need support during shower time.
It can be easily attached, giving support and security in the bathroom. 

Because of the suction cups, this safety handle does not need screws or special equipment. The suction cups have a light switch for safeness. 

It is recommended to be used on dry surfaces.


  • Length: 40cm (16'')
  • Color: White with blue
  • With suction cups
  • Wall-mounted
1.50 kg