Rolta Soft bandages 3Χ10cm

Rolta Soft bandages 3Χ10cm
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Synthetic padding bandage for perfect cushioning under plaster casts, support and compression bandages. 

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Rolta-soft is a synthetic padding bandage with unique properties that meet the differentiate requirements of a modern padding technique and will secure the indicated application.

Synthetic padding bandages made of non-absorbent crinkled polyester fibres, permeable to air and exudate, has a temperature-compensating effect, it clings to itself and produces a smooth finish, easy to apply, can be easily torn off by hand, may be sterilized (by autoclaving at 121 °C), radiolucent.

Uses : As padding material under plaster casts, support and compression bandages, for padding splints, as padding under tubular bandages.

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7.5 - 12 cm
For casts