BSN Delta-Lite® Plus synthetic cast 2.5cm x 1.8m

BSN Delta-Lite® Plus synthetic casting 2.5cm x 1.8m
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Delta-Lite® Plus is designed to ensure excellent rigid support, made by fiberglass substrate, and is available in dimensions of 2.5cm x 1.8m.

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BSN Delta-Lite® Plus is designed to ensure excellent rigid support.

BSN Delta-Lite® Plus has a light but strong fiberglass substrate and a resin formula that requires strong and lasting support.

Strong yet light fiberglass yarns, rigid and durable casts for uncompromising protection.

The BSN Delta-Lite® Plus substrate is still flexible enough to avoid muscle constrictions, while there are no premature cast changes due to cast breakdown

The BSN Delta-Lite® Plus also features excellent lamination between the individual layers for durable stability & support, weight-bearing in approximately 20 minutes & noticeable stability that conveys trust


While strong support and durability are essential features of a cast, wearing comfort and ease of application are even more apparent to patients and applicants.

Therefore, BSN Delta-Lite® Plus comes with a number of features to enhance these properties:

Resin formula with slip agent surfactant
Slip agent surfactant creates a plaster of paris-like sensation during working time for precise anatomic molding
- Reliable, comfortable working time window
- Good pliability throughout the working time
- Freedom to use the glove of your choice

Smooth finish improves wearing comfort
- Avoids snags on clothes and bed linens
- Excellent end lay-down for an even, smooth finish
- Improves patient comfort and compliance

Proven Overall Quality
In combination with Delta-Dry® water-resistant cast padding, BSN Delta-Lite® Plus can be upgraded to a fully water-resistant cast, allowing patients to bathe and shower. In a recent study among 387 clinicians in the USA, BSN Delta-Lite® Plus was compared to the cast tape currently used by each clinician.

Nine key product features, such as lamination, rigidity, conformability, and smooth finish were chosen for comparison. In all nine categories, BSN Delta-Lite® Plus was rated higher than the currently used fiberglass tapes. Over 90% of all clinicians in the study rated BSN Delta-Lite® Plus’ overall quality as superior to their currently used product.

The BSN BSN Delta-Lite® Plus is available in white color, and dimensions of 5cm x 3.6m.

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