Baby scale MS3500

Baby scale MS3500
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Baby weighing scale by Charder with gentle curvature and sharp accuracy as tip of a pin! It features 20Kg capacity with 5gr graduation until 10Kg and 10gr until 20kg

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Baby weighing scale, weight scale for babies MS3500 - The gentle curvature of MS3500 weight scale for babies cuddles babies as in mother’s arms and MS 3500 is our way of honoring parent’s love for their new born. Do not just weigh, indulge and weigh the baby with your enduring love. MS3500 baby weighing scale accuracy is as sharp as tip of a pin; track even a slight change in weight of baby.

The baby scales Charder MS3500 has comfortable removable disk " hugging " the baby safely. It is highly accurate, capable of weighing up to 20 pounds and grading 5g and 10g.

The baby scale includes the Hold function ( for weight measurement even when the baby moves ) and Tare to calculate the tare. It is very easy to use with just three buttons and switches off automatically to save power. The classification of Charder MS3500 5g to the first 10 pounds and 10g from 10 to 20 pounds. The dimensions of the disk is 58.5 X 28 X 12 cm and the dimensions of the base are 34 X 33 X 5 cm. The weight of the yoke is 2.3 pounds and supplies become via power adapter or battery 9V.

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