Beurer JBY86 analogue baby monitor

Beurer JBY86 analogue baby monitor
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Analogue baby monitor with baby emotions on the display!! Displays a sleeping or crying/waking baby!

Analogue baby monitor by beurer
  • Baby emotions on your display: Displays a sleeping or crying/waking baby
  • Blue illuminated display to visually monitor the noise level
  • 16 pilot tones and 2 selectable channels for minimum interference by other radio wave sources
  • Extra-long range of up to 800 m
  • Range control - signal if contact is interrupte
  • Continuously adjustable sensitivity and volume adjustment
  • Displays the selected channel and the battery status
  • Low radiation exposure
  • Transmission frequency 864 MHz
  • Incl. charging bay for parent unit
  • Handy belt clip and wall-mounting fixture

Product name:Analogue baby monitor
Range:800 m
Range control:yes
Volume control:yes
Product dimensions:6 x 4 x 11 cm
Weight:398 g
EAN/Item no.:4211125/95200/6

10 cm
5 cm
15 cm
0.50 kg
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