Zoll AED 3 automatic external defibrillator

Zoll AED 3 automatic external defibrillator
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Zoll AED 3 automatic external defibrillator, with Wifi connection for data transmission, suitable for pediatric and adult use with the same electrodes.

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The Zoll AED 3 automatic external defibrillator is Zoll's new innovative device, user-friendly, that provides real-time feedback to guide rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR and providing them with the confidence and the knowledge needed to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The PlusTrac function it features, sends data from the defibrillator to the cloud through a Wifi connection. Any malfunction or defect is reported immediately so that you are always informed about the condition of the defibrillator and to find a solution to any problems. In addition, it provides the ability to quickly access and transmit cardiac arrest events to medical professionals.

RapidShock analysis enables the industry’s shortest rhythm analysis and allows ZOLL AED 3 to deliver a shock, if needed, in as little as 5 seconds. Minimizing pause time allows for more lifesaving CPR, improves CPR quality, and can improve patient outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest.

The universal design of the CPR Uni-padz® electrodes gives rescuers a single solution for both adult and pediatric victims of SCA. To treat a child, use the same set of pads and simply activate child mode.

In addition to displaying integrated, real-time CPR feedback, the ZOLL AED 3 screen also includes one-of-a-kind intuitive touchscreen capabilities. The touchscreen allows quick access to AED information and enables configuration without the need for additional external devices or software.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced Real CPR Help technology provides real-time CPR feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions
  • Text and voice prompts provide visual and audible feedback to the rescuer on CPR quality
  • High-resolution LCD touchscreen display with vivid rescue images provides visual guidance to responders
  • A CPR cycle timer and a large color bar gauge show CPR compression depth
  • Universal one-piece CPR Uni-padz electrodes feature a 5-year shelf life
  • RapidShock analysis technology minimizes pre-shock pause time
  • Built-in WiFi connectivity can automatically report device readiness and offer fast access to clinical event data, including CPR performance data
  • Integrated pediatric rescue: CPR Uni-padz and child-mode selection softkey offers one solution to treat both adults and children
  • Built to withstand extreme temperatures and altitude, vibration, and shock
  • Rugged design features an IP (ingress protection) rating of IP55 for dust and water
  • 5-year smart battery can report its power status
  • Comprehensive automatic self-tests ensure device readiness
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic configuration
  • Export clinical data, update device software, or clone/upload configuration through the USB port

Package includes:

  • Zoll AED 3 battery
  • Zoll AED 3 Unipadz
2 kg