AMI Saver One P Defibrillator

AMBI Saver One P Defibrillator
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The Saver One P is a tough practical dual-mode defibrillator offering both Manual or Automated delivery and management of cardiac treatment.

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The Saver One P is a tough practical dual mode defibrillator offering both Manual or Automated delivery and management of cardiac treatment.

The manual mode provides an operating capacity for EMS responders, hospital and medical professionals to set up the device, select energy levels and time of delivery of shock. The unit facilitates the section of synchronised cardiovascular or ECG monitoring control, it can also act as an AED providing normal operating capacity for any rescuer or BLS user with visual/audible prompts and CPR guide.
The Saver One P Defibrillator is ideal for ambulance, hospital , emergency departments, cardiologists and/or military service.
The unit can print out ECG data via by thermal printer via an Irda port.
LCD Display 12x8cm high resolution (480x320) 
Professional Dual Mode Defibrillator With Voice Instructions and Text Prompts on a Large Display. Additional Electrode Pads compatible with all major AED brands including Zoll, Defibtech, Heartsine, Phillips and Schiller..
Designed to be Practical and Veratile
Latest generation Manual or Automated Defibrillator, first recommended for emergency experts then indicated for paramedics or trained rescuers too.
Great Flexibility with Dual Modalities
Options for Manual or Semiautomatic modes, suitable for any situation.
Manual Mode converts the Saver One P into a professional defibrillatorm licensed for ambulance, medical officer, pharmacy or army use.
Automatic Mode will make your Saver One P act as an AED and can be used even only as ECG Monitoring.
Multi-Lingual Capable
Saver One P has been developed with advanced technologies equipped with an intuitive and effective multi-language software practical for any situation, in and out health facilities.
Extra Large Display
LCD Display 12x8cm high resolution (480x320) backlit LCD screen, displays ECG waveforms and numeric information on the patient’s heart rate and impedance, on the quantity of alarms.
Automatically Monitors Vital Signs
Saver One P will continuously monitor, detect, and advise users as to appropriate defibrillation therapy to treat cardiac arrhythmias.
Fast Response and Quick Recharge
The device is ready to deliver the first shock within a few seconds of being activated and can administer further shocks if required.
Automatic Biphasic Pre-Sets
Saver One P has pre-programmed escalating 3-Shock sequences. Saver One P uses a BTA (biphasic trapezoidal adaptive) technology, a proven effective biphasic waveform.
Tough and Robust
Saver One P has a medical ABS structure, shock resistant and crash worthy, with protection against powder and water.
Saver One P Automatically Self-Tests for Defects
Saver One P does not require service program, it runs several self-tests (day/month/half-year) flashing its status with LED indicators.
Inbuilt Memory
A 1GB Memory Card stores up to 40 hours of ECG, events and environmental recordings.

The kit consists of an defibrillator, a consumable battery LiMnO2 sufficient for 5 years and 200 discharges, two pairs of adult defibrillation pads, a carrying bag and a user guide in Polish on CD.

Semi-automatic, portable, biphasic external defibrillator AED with cardioversion, the power of a battery or a battery (optional), LCD screen for displaying text and voice commands, and the ECG waveform, the maximum energy of 200J shocks, designed for professional emergency medical needs, where there is a need to work in manual mode by trained paramedics. Defibrillator is equipped as standard: two pairs of adult defibrillation pads, user guide in Polish on the CD, carrying bag, battery consumable LiMnO2 sufficient for 5 years or 200 discharges.

Short description of the selected product:

It is a semi-automatic external defibrillatorAED (Automated External Defibrillator) which works in manual or automatic. It is a portable biphasic defibrillator for the EMS professional. Has a voice communication in Polish, an LCD 5.7 "LED-backlit display, which displays complete information on the plot and an automatic assessment of ECG rhythm and chest impedance analysis to determine whether the patient is recommended discharge.

Ability of choosing parameters by the operator in manual mode. Disposable electrodes for adults and children, visible and accessible battery indicator, high quality, reliability and durability. It has a good resistantce to shock and collapse, according to current standards. It is automatically selectable full range of energy values. Has an outlay battery which provides a minimum of 200 shocks or 5 years useful life.

It has a daily automatic test equipment and software samokontrolny.

The internal memory on the memory card allows you to automatically save all data and events, medical ecg (approximately 20 hours). It has a possibility of wireless transmission of stored data via IrDA to PC. Also it has low weight (1.95 kg with battery, consumable).

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