AMI Italia Saver One Defibrillator

AMBI Saver One  Defibrillator
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A simple and reliable AED weighing less than 2 pounds, by AMI Italia

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User-Friendly PAD The Saver One Public Access Defibrillator is simple to use even for those with minimal training. The Saver One Defibrillator was designed for Public Access use and is licensed to administer Fast, Safe treatment against cardiac arrest prior to the arrival of Emergency Services personnel.

The Saver One offers intuitive guidance to the operator with clear instructions to support the rescuer through life-saving protocols and stressful episodes. The Saver One is lightweight and compact and comes with batteries for maximum portability.

The Saver One PAD Defibrillator would be ideally suited anywhere such as: Home, Offices, Schools, Hotels, Airports, Trains, Stations, Sports Facilities, Discos, Clubs, Dentists in fact anywhere in the public arena.

Save a Life in 3 Easy Steps
Turn On - Place the Pads - Deliver the Shock.
Designed to be Operated by Untrained Users
Prompts User with LED Diagrams and Voice Instructions
Solid and Light (2kgs)
Can be transported anywhere an emergency is required and always ready to guide all lay rescuers visually and audibly with clear instructions in any resuscitation phase, from the application of the electrode pads through the heart massage to the defibrillation.
Automatically Monitors Vital Signs
Saver One will continuously monitor, detect, and advise users as to appropriate defibrillation therapy to treat cardiac arrhythmias.
Fast Response and Quick Recharge
The device is ready to deliver the first shock within a few seconds of being activated and can administer further shocks if required.
Automatic Biphasic Pre-Sets
Saver One has pre-programmed escalating 3-Shock sequences. Saver One uses a BTA (biphasic trapezoidal adaptive) technology, a proven effective biphasic waveform.
Tough and Robust
Saver One has a medical ABS structure, shock resistant and crash worthy, with protection against powder and water.
Saver One Automatically Self-Tests for Defects
Saver One does not require a service program, it runs several self-tests (day/month/half-year) flashing its status with LED indicators.
Inbuilt Memory
A 1GB Memory Card stores up to 40 hours of ECG, events, and environmental recordings.
Adult and Paediatric Electrode Pads are compatible with all major AED brands including Zoll, Defibtech, Heartsine, Laerdal, Medtronic, Nihon Kohden, Phillips, and Schiller.
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