Welch Allyn AED 10 Defibrillator

Welch Allyn AED 10 Defibrillator
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Welch Allyn's AED10 is among the smallest and lightest AED's on the market today with concise voice prompts & pediatric support!

Welch Allyn AED10 - Saving A Life Can Be As Easy As 1-2-3.

Each year, thousands of otherwise healthy individuals suffer sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). In the gym, at work or even in the doctor's office—SCA can strike anyone, anywhere, at just about any moment. Without immediate defibrillation, a victim's hope for survival is slim.  Trusted by doctors for innovative products for almost 100 years, Welch Allyn designed the AED 10 with the minimally trained rescuer in mind.

The Welch Allyn AED 10 allows the first person on scene to administer life-saving treatment—without losing precious time while waiting for emergency responders.  By using the intuitive  "1-2-3" rescue approach and concise prompts, the AED 10 promotes a quick, no-hesitation response when SCA strikes.

Contains, among the smallest and lightest AED's on the market today, a concise voice prompts, text prompts on a bright, backlit display for use in poorly lit environments, direct sunlight or noisy environments where voice prompts cannot be heard, color-coded pads and illustrations ensure proper pad placement, delivering first shock in less than 4 seconds from a 'shock advised' prompt and the internal memory stores multiple patient records including ECG waveforms, time/date stamps, shock delivery and system actions.

Physical dimensions are 8 1/4¡¨ x 6 7/8¡¨ x 2 3/4¡¨ (210 x 175 x 70 mm) and weights 3.025 (1.37 kg) pounds with battery. Has an operating temperature 32F to 122F (0C to 50C) and a storage temperature (without battery) at -22F to 158F (-30C to 70C). Has a humidity up to 95% (non-condensing) and an altitude up to 15,000 feet (-150 to 4570 m). Shock Mil Std 810F method 516.5, procedure 1 (40G, 6-9ms pulse, 1/2 sine each axis) and vibration Mil Std 810F method 514.5, category 4. With an enclosure protection IEC 60529 IP24.

It has a drop test Mil Std 810F method 516.5 procedure 4 (1 meter drop onto any edge, corner, or surface onto 2" hardwood over concrete). During the electrical isolation the power unit operates on internal battery only. With external electrical connections no external devices are attached to the unit.

Risk Current Category Internally powered equipment with defibrillator-proof BF type patient applied part (as per definition of IEC 60601-1 standard)

Document Management:

Event documentation internal, internal memory capacity 1MB at 250 4-sec ECG samples or 3000 time stamped events. Quick report treatment summary, event log, test log. Communication RS-232 via Infrared (IR) port to PC or printer.

The defibrillator has an output MRL orbitalTM biphasic truncated exponential. The energy sequence (user configurable) shock 1 is 150 J, 200 J / Shock 2: 150 J, 200 J, 300 J / Shock 3: 150 J, 200 J, 300 J, 360 J. The charge time from ¡§Shock Advised¡¨ 4 sec. to 150 J / 8 sec. to 200 J / 15 sec. to 360 J. With analysis time at 4 to 16 sec.
It has a combined Analysis and Charge Time From start of analysis to shock ready. From the power up it needs less than 20 seconds to 200 J. After the 6 shocks it needs less than 30 seconds to 360 J.
The audible prompts are 18 audible prompts and the visual prompts are 20 text screen prompts.
It has four button controls. The On/Off, the shock, and 2 software-configurable buttons.
The waveform details see AED10 operators manual for details.

Energy Attenuation Factor:

  • 25%, at 25 Ω, 50 Ω and 75 Ω
  • 20%, at 100 Ω and 125 Ω
  • 15%, at 150 Ω and 175 Ω
The type is a backlit monochrome LCD in 2.1” x 1.42” (54 x 36 mm) size. With a 160 x 100 resolution and a backlight LED.

Battery type is non-rechargeable, LiMnO2 12V, 2.6 Ah.

Capacity 60 discharges at 360 Joules to reach low battery warning.* 90 discharges typical at 360 Joules to completely exhaust the battery or 125 discharges at 200 Joules or 150 discharges at 150 Joules or 5 hours ECG monitoring

*. Capacity of discharges tested per EN 60601-2-4:2003 Clause 101.4 with the AED protocol set according to EN60601-2-4:2003 Clause 102.3.2.

Shelf Life at 25°C ± 15°C. With 10 years (5 years storage + 5 years standby) and 5 years standby (after installation).

Note Depending on environmental conditions, patterns of use, and age, the Welch Allyn AED 10 batteries will eventually begin to indicate a low battery condition. Activities such as frequently turning on the device or leaving the device idle for an extended amount of time will decrease the life of the battery and accelerate the timeframe for indicating a low battery warning.

Battery Warranty: one year from date of purchase -- battery will be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

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