Sandman Auto CPAP with humidifier

Sandman Auto CPAP with humidifier
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The Sandman Auto CPAP machine is lightweight, compact, user-friendly and includes an intelligent pressure stability and respiratory events detection feature

The Sandman AutoCPAP device was designed to be highly accurate, comfortable and intelligent in order to deliver optimal auto CPAP pressure.

This premium CPAP device has pressure and flow sensing capabilities that detect apneas, hypopneas, inspiratory flow limitations and snoring so it can react with optimal pressure at all times, while only increasing pressure during obstructive events.

The patients’ critical data is stored internally for easy analysis with the optional software, while the auto-calibration feature provides precise pressure delivery for nearly all mask and tubing combinations. 

Like all Sandman™ therapy devices, Sandman Auto is simple to operate and robust. It has backlit front-facing screen and buttons so that patients can make simple adjustments without needing to sit up and turn on the light. It is lightweight, has an integrated power supply, single power cord and unique integrated heated humidifier for more comfortable therapy.

Designed to help sleep apnea patients comply with therapy, the Sandman Auto CPAP device combines high performance with comfort and ease of use in one of the smallest overall footprints available.
The Sandman Auto Humid Control humidification system provides precise levels of humidification by continually measuring the voltage and current delivered to the heater. This allows for a constant differential between water and air temperature to minimize tubing condensation, and gives patients a stable humidification level throughout the night for highly effective and comfortable therapy.

Includes esnomatomeno heated ygrnantira adjusting heating 10 level. The Auto CPAP with humidifier includes a display data, a high switching off lights, waterproof screen, automatic reduction function of light, one cable for CPAP, capable of operating on battery external battery, memory card and automatic reminder function for the patient both for filter change As the mask and consumables. The pressure is from 3 cm. H2O to 20 cm. H2O.

Sandman records the apneas and hypopneas, separated into central/obstructive and any kind reduce airflow during breathing and snoring. You can save the built-in memory of up to 200 sessions of 8 hours or 50 sessions of 8 hours on the memory card.
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Less than 27db