Titan Diagnostic Portable Tympanometer

Portable Interacoustics Titan Tympanometer
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Titan diagnostic portable tympanometer with PC based, middle ear analyzer by Interacoustics with USB port & Bluetooth.

Getting a middle ear analysis done is not always easy. Higher patient volumes and the growing demand for more efficient work routines demand strict requirements for every element involved in the clinic–including instrumentation.Titan diagnostic is a compact middle ear analyzer with all the functions and flexibility in a remarkably portable device. As a tool, Titan emphasizes ease-of-use and speed without compromising test flexibility and reliability. Titan Diagnostic portable tympanometer is available with Reflex CONTRA 500Hz-4000Hz, DECAY Test and control of a Eustachian tuberosus with an intact tympanic membrane.

Full test battery
Titan spans the complete test battery range, from screening to clinical. Titan’s hardware platform has been specially designed to accommodate future enhancements and upgrades. Furthermore, Titan’s revolutionary new pump design yields unprecedented performance. Its “endless airflow” concept enables the clinician to complete tests without resetting, facilitating results even under the toughest testing conditions

Easy handling
Titan’s slim neck and lightweight form allow for easy use in handheld mode. Together with its contemporary design, Titan suggests a professional appearance in the clinic. The high-resolution color display provides an excellent overview of test progress and results.
The various available probe configurations enable a strong focus on patient-centered testing, toward the aim of achieving consistently reliable measurements— all with little need for user attention to the underlying technology. Test status is always viewable by LEDs on the probe. A small shoulder-mounted unit allows easy choice of ear and test start/stop. Additionally, calibration values are stored in the probe itself, allowing easy changes of probe configuration and significantly reducing clinic down time should the probe ever need to be replaced.

PC integration
Besides handheld use, Titan can also be operated through a PC software suite. There the clinician can adapt the instrument to specific needs by customizing protocols, displays, and printouts. From the PC, the clinician can perform the entire test battery, or exchange patient and session data with the handheld instrument for full portability. The intuitive user interface makes the PC application easy to navigate and use.

Power on the move!
To fully accommodate the variety of clinic circumstances and testing needs, Titan provides a strong, flexible platform in a remarkably compact, portable design--a small, lightweight unit with yet many configuration options.

Functional design
Titan’s design is both attractive and functional, conveying clinic professionalism with a contemporary appearance. Indeed, Titan assures a comfortable testing environment. Its truly lightweight (360 grams/0.8 lbs) design makes it ideal to take on ward rounds, to share among multiple exam rooms, or to take on the road.

Power for the long haul
Titan takes advantage of the latest battery technology to enhance its portability. The hardware platform has been optimized to provide up to 3½ hours of continuous test time on a single charge-- more than enough power for several days’ testing in a busy clinic. The compartment for the single battery is easily accessible for quick replacement. The cradle incorporates a separate charging station, meaning that Titan is always ready to perform.

Titan’s built-in memory holds up to 250 patients’ test data before a transfer is required. Patient information can be uploaded to the unit in advance for quick pairing of session data and easy transfer to a database upon return to the clinic.

Carrying case
Titan’s portability is further enhanced by a convenient and lightweight carrying case.

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