Diagnostic Audiometer AD229b

Diagnostic Audiometer AD229b
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Portable Health diagnostic audiometer AD229b by Interacoustics, with built-in microphone for live-testing diagnostics.

The high quality of the AD229b makes it well suited for any stationary or portable application where diagnostic testing of air, bone and speech is performed. The time saving automatic threshold test combined with the computer interface makes the AD229b ideal for modern healthcare environments.
The Talk Forward and Talk Back functions make it easy to work with the AD229b, especially with sound booth installations.
Full NOAH compatibility completes the picture.

Auto Threshold
The AD229b incorporates a facility for performing threshold determination automatically. The test procedure is based on the Hughson-Westlake method (up 5dB, down 10dB) and conforms to ISO 8253-1. Desired test frequencies may be selected freely by the user. After testing the test results can be recalled from the memory of the AD229b or transferred to a PC for database storage or printing

ABLB / Stenger
As well as the pre-programmed ABLB test the AD229b can perform the Stenger Test with pure tones for evaluating malingering, or as a binaural speech test with a monophonic speech signal.

PC connectivity provides options for data storage and full page reports via NOAH or the Interacoustics database software OtoAccess™.

Data Storage with Windows® Based Software
Transferring data to a PC is possible by two different applications. The Interacoustics database OtoAccess™ enables data collection from multiple instrument sources into one patient file.  Hearing aid information may 
also be included.  
NOAH hearing aid fitting software will also integrate the test data when used with the Interacoustics NOAH audiometry module software.

Sound Field Installation 
Speech and pure tone may be presented under free field conditions. Available system ranges from 90dB SPL to 115dB SPL, and is medically approved. A set of connection panels, AFC8, is available for connection to a sound booth. 

Speech Testing and Communication 
Contains live voice speech testing is easy to perform using the built-in goose neck microphone, CD or tape players may be connected, talk back is provided for sound field installations, talk forward is available using the built-in microphone. The intensity is easily adjusted on the front panel. Alos the monitoring is possible either through the operator’s headset or through the built-in monitor loudspeaker

Earphones and Noise Excluders 
Amplivox features independent suspension of the TDH39 earphones. Peltor - traditional noise excluding headset. Insert phones - EAR-Tone 5A insert phones feature very low cross hearing and reduce need for masking. Ambient noise is also attenuated.
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