Varisan Arm Sleeve 25-32mm Hg palm class 2

Varisan Arm Sleeve
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Varisan therapeutic arm sleeve and glove flat knitting in class II 25-32mm Hg, available in beige color, for acute dermohypodermitis, skin infections, etc.

Varisan Arm Sleeve available in palm glove, in beige color, with graduated compression 25-32mm Hg class II suitable for:

primary and secondary lymphoedema at various clinical stages
post-traumatic or post-operative edema
lymphoedema in its various stages
keloid lymphoedema following surgery

Varisan Arm Sleeve contraindications

Acute dermohypodermitis, skin infections, peripheral obliterans arteriopathy, known contact allergy to elastic support appliances.

Varisan Arm Sleeve duration of treatment

Compression therapy with VARISAN FlAT should only be given during the daytime and nighttime.

Varisan Arm Sleeve guarantee

The high quality of the materials used to make the VARISAN elastic compression support appliance and the technologies adopted in their production guarantee the product for 6 months starting from the first time it is worn, providing the user instructions are followed.

Varisan Arm Sleeve Small:

Wrist circumference 15-18cm
Forearm circumference 21-25cm
Arm circumference 25-29cm

Varisan Arm Sleeve Medium:

Wrist circumference 18-21cm
Forearm circumference 25-29cm
Arm circumference 29-33cm

Varisan Arm Sleeve Large:

Wrist circumference 21-24cm
Forearm circumference 29-33cm
Arm circumference 33-38cm

Select Short for length < 45cm from wrist to shoulder clavicle.

Select Normal for length 45-50cm from wrist to shoulder joint.

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Class 2