Mikrobac Dent disinfectant

Mikrobac Dent disinfectant
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Aldehyde-free cleaning disinfectant for suction units and amalgam separators. Acts rapidly at very low concentrations, extremely foamless.

For the cleaning disinfection of suction units and amalgam separators in hospitals and primary health care. The disinfectant Mikrobac Dent fast acting in very low concentrations through the combination of an alkylamine and two quaternary ammonium compounds. The main features are broad spectrum of activity, the pleasant smell, does not contain aldehydes, phenols and chlorine, suitable for all common suction units and amalgam separators, has good compatibility with the materials and extremely low foam formation has. The disinfectant is a bactericidal Mikrobac Dent, a yeast - fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal against enveloped viruses ( including HBV, HIV, HCV). Available in a 2 liter vessel.

With its excellent cleaning characteristics and its comprehensive activity Mikrobac dent is particularly tailored to the set of problems, which arises with the cleaning disinfection of suction units. Through the combination of an alkylamine and two quaternary ammonium compounds Mikrobac dent achieves quick activity already at very low concentrations. Disinfection should be performed at least once a day.

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