Mikrobac Forte disinfectant 5lt

Mikrobac Forte disinfectant 5lt
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Mikrobac forte 5lt is suitable for the daily disinfecting maintenance cleaning of water-resistant surfaces in areas where odourless disinfection is preferred.

Aldehyde-free cleaning disinfectant with the low-odor formulation. Broad-spectrum of effect. Very good material compatibility and cleaning power. Disinfectant Mikrobac Forte 5 liter for daily cleaning and disinfection of all types of washable surfaces in medical areas requiring odorless disinfection. The disinfectant Mikrobac Forte is suitable for use in commercial kitchens and food processing areas where a product requires use without aldehydes. It has also been tested for use in the food industry and in accordance with European standards EN 13 697 and EN 13624. Its characteristics are the wide range of activities and good cleaning action. To Mikrobac Forte is a bactericide, anti- yeast, tuberculocidal, virucidal against enveloped viruses ( incl . the HBV virus, HIV, HCV). 

Mikrobac forte is supplied as a concentrate. Completely wet the parts of medical devices and other washable surfaces (e.g. floors) to be disinfected with a sufficient amount of solution. Maintenance disinfection of hard surfaces: 0.5% 1 hour exposure time. To remove disinfectant residue from sensitive plastic surfaces of medical devices, wipe surfaces with a cloth soaked in water (at least drinking water quality) after the exposure time. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions. Rinse cleaning equipment well with water. Always prepare the solution with cold water (max. room temperature). Contacts between aminic and aldehydic products must be avoided. Therefore – especially if work has previously been carried out with an aldehyde-containing product – before using Mikrobac forte for the first time, carry out an intermediate cleaning. Not suitable for the disinfection of invasive medical devices.

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