Korsolex Basic disinfectant

Korsolex Basic disinfectant
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Aldehyde-based disinfectant for heat-sensitive and heat-resistant instruments. Korsolex Basic is available in 2 Lt.

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Korsolex basic displays excellent material compatibility with heat-resistant and heat-sensitive instruments, and is therefore a preparation of choice in endoscopy. Korsolex basic is suitable for all common manual and semi-automatic circulation procedures as well as for the fully automatic (cold disinfection) procedure. In addition to its excellent material compatibility with regard to endoscopes, it is also particularly suitable for the reprocessing of instruments made of rubber, plastic, metal, porcelain and glass.

The Korsolex Basic is a disinfectant highly compatible tools materials and has a broad spectrum of activity. The disinfectant contains glutaral and 15,2 g ( ethylenedioxy ) dimethanol : 19,7 g. per 100 gr and complete microbiological action ( bactericidal, anti- yeast, antifungal, tuberculocidal, mykovaktirioktono, virucidal against enveloped viruses ( symper.ton HBV virus, HIV, HCV) and antiviral ( symper.tou virus HAV)). Also, for all the normal semiautomatic cleaning systems by circulating disinfectant. The life of the disinfectant is 7 days and is available in containers of 2 Lt and 5 Lt. Immersion bath procedure Korsolex basic is supplied as a concentrate. Make sure that all surfaces and openings of the instrument are completely covered with Korsolex basic solution. According to the RKI recommendation for the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes, a thorough manual pre-cleaning has to be carried out prior to disinfection. Use Bodedex forte for pre-cleaning.

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