Korsolex Ready to use disinfectant 5L

Korsolex Ready to use disinfectant 5L
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Korsolex Ready-to-use is a high quality disinfectant suitable for disinfection of all kinds of heat-resistant and heat-sensitive instruments.

Disinfecting surgical instruments and endoscopes Korsolex ready to use from Bode Chemie. Simultaneous cleaning for thermoresistant and thermosensitive endoscopes, surgical instruments, anesthesia tubes etc. The Korsolex ready to use disinfectant containing glutaraldehyde (strong disinfectant 2,1gr per 100gr) without activator, ready to use for disinfection by immersion and ultrasound devices. Also, the composition of Korsolex ready to use comprises anti-corrosion agents, solvents, detersive agents and flavors. Use disinfectant Korsolex ready to use as a bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal (HBV / HIV, Polio, Adeno, Herpes-simplex) and sporicidal-cold sterilization. The residence time for the disinfectant is bactericidal (EN 1040) 5 minutes, fungicide (EN1275) 5 minutes, tuberculocidal (NF T 72 190) 10 minutes, antiviral HIV 5 minutes, HBV for 15 minutes, for Adeno, Herpes & Polio 15 minutes and finally for sporicidal (NF T 72 230) 45-min (3 log). For cold sterilization required by 2 hours (5 log).
Immerse to disinfect materials into the disinfection container to which we add the disinfectant long enough. If it can be soaked clean tools and endoscopes. The endoscopes should be flushed with sterile water. The solution is stable for 28 days. The disinfectant Korsolex ready to use labeled «CE» and is available in a container of 5Lt.

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