Deconex Decosept Hand Disinfectant

Deconex Decosept Hand Disinfectant
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People are the primary source of contamination in the workplace. Disinfecting hands is one of the most important ways of maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Decosept is used wherever perfect hand hygiene is absolutely essential. For example in hospitals, nursing homes, private medical and dental practices but also in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to hygienic hand disinfection, decosept is also used for surgical hand disinfection, whether in hospitals or in private practices. Decosept is an alcoholic preparation with a rapid microbicidal effect. The integrated skin-care additives protect the skin, even when the product is frequently used. An additional component provides decosept with the long-term microbicidal effect required for surgical hand disinfection. Alcoholic hand disinfectants like decosept are superior to all available antiseptic soaps. They show a better microbicidal effect and are easier to use, i.e. there is no need for washbasins and (sterile) towels. In addition, they are friendlier to the skin than soaps. The use of alcoholic preparations eliminates the risk of contaminating clothes and the surroundings through splashes of water. The time required for hygienic hand disinfection with decosept is about one sixth of that needed for hygienic hand washing. This helps the staff to comply with the rules for hand hygiene and finally saves money. Decosept is filtered to remove eventual spores. Its skin friendliness s excellent and well proven.

Dispense decosept into the hollow of your hand and rub it into the skin for 15 seconds. Make sure that the entire surface of your hands and the critical places are wetted throughout the application (see illustration). For some infectious agents, longer exposure times are required (see table). Rub decosept into your hands and forearms for 1 minute. Dispense portions of decosept HA so that the skin is completely wetted throughout the period of application. For surgical hand disinfection, please note the following: Long washing procedures with soap and scrubbing are counterproductive. They damage the skin without significantly reducing the number of resident germs. Clean hands should not be washed before rubbing-in an alcoholic preparation. Hygienic hand disinfection with decosept is sufficient when entering the operating ward. Before using decosept HA for hand disinfection, only the fingernails and the spaces beneath them need to be specially cleaned with a soft brush or a soft wooden stick. Thorough hand hygiene requires good hand-care. It is important to remember the rule: Only a healthy skin can be disinfected. Injured or diseased skin must be therapeutically treated.

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