Bodedex Forte disinfectant

Bodedex Forte disinfectant
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PH-neutral cleaner for heat-sensitive and heat-resistant instruments. Available in a bottle of 2 Lt.

Bodedex forte is a modern, powerful instrument cleaner which is exceptionally suitable for cleaning of medicinal heatsensitive and heat-resistant instruments as well as laboratory apparatus. Bodedex forte has a neutral pH-value and is therefore particularly gentle to materials. This property is further increased by a special system of complexing agents, which compensates for the effect of water hardness. A particular advantage of the innovative product is the reliable and at the same time gentle removal of pertinacious residues of blood, proteins, secretions, grease, biofilms and x-ray contrast media.
The product-specific composition of Bodedex forte achieves a clearly superior cleaning effect against the particularly firmly adhering contrast media by increasing their water solubility. For the self-acting removal of blood, protein, secretion, grease. The instrument cleaner also gently dissolves pertinacious residues of x-ray contrast media and biofilms.
2 kg
Data sheet
Medical instruments
2 L
Safety Data Sheet Bodedex Forte

Material safety data sheet Bodedex Forte

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