Baktolin Basic disinfectant 1000ml

Baktolin Basic disinfectant 1000ml
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Standard wash lotion for thorough cleansing of hands and body with modern and mild surfactants and pH 5.5 value adapted to the skin. Available in 1Lt or 5Lt.

Baktolin basic is suitable for cleansing hands and body. The modern, synthetic formulation is soap- and alkali-free and pleasantly scented. Disinfectant-body hands Baktolin Basic 1000ml and 5000ml by Bode and analipantikous with moisturizing agents to prevent skin problems after frequent use. The disinfectant Baktolin Basic contains propylene glycol and ethoxylated glycerol stearate Eto-7 and retains the moisture of the skin. Built in accordance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and covers all needs for powerful cleaning hands and body.

Disinfectants Baktolin Basic can be used for antimicrobial activity and power cleaning in immunocompromised patients, ICU patients., Medical and nursing staff, etc. The hand sanitizer-body has a pH of 5.5, is dermatoprostateftiko and hypoallergenic. Contains alkali and soap and has a pleasant smell. The disinfectant Baktolin Basic recommended in cases of sensitivity to soap. Use about 2-3ml disinfectant Baktolin Basic, add water to make a lather and rinse thoroughly and carefully.

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