Bacillol AF disinfectant 1000ml

Bacillol AF disinfectant 1000ml
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Aldehyde-free, alcohol-based rapid disinfectant for surfaces by Bode Chemie, available in 1000ml.

Bacillol AF in containers of 1 liter of Bode for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, resistant to alcohol. The disinfectant Bacillol AF surfaces is odorless, it contains aldehydes and leaves no residues. On the recommendation of the disinfectant Bacillol AF contains 100 grams 45g propanol-1, 25g 2-propanol and 4.7g ethanol.

The microbiological activity is direct, acts as a bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal (including HBV / HIV, Vaccinia, Papova), while combat mycobacteria, adenoviruses and rotaviruses. The disinfectant Bacillol AF is suitable for disinfection of surgical and medical surfaces, hospitals, clinics, industrial kitchens, pharmaceutical industries, etc. Spray the surface with the appropriate amount of disinfectant and wipe with a cloth. The necessary duration of action of the disinfectant in hospitals and clinics for TB 30 sec / psa for HBV / HIV 5 minutes, rapid disinfection of 30 sec / psa on Rota / Vaccinia 1 minute, Adeno 15 minutes Papova for 10 minutes.

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