Prim Αir fracture boot

Prim Αir fracture boot
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Prim Air fracture boot with integrated air chamber pump adjustable with a goniometer for people with ankle fractures, available in 4 sizes.

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The Prim functional air fracture boot is easily adjustable and is suitable for people suffering from ankle fractures, or for second & third degree sprains or dislocations, for partial or total rupture of tibia-fibula and Achilles tendon ligaments.

At the same time, the adjustable air fracture boot is ideal for postoperative use or recovery after injury.

The functional air fracture boot has a goniometer to adjust the desired range of motion per 10° and an intake-exhaust air chamber with adjustable air pressure. With the balloon system the air pressure is precisely distributed and the foot is gradually compressed. In this way it adapts and fits perfectly to the anatomy of your foot, providing you with stabilization of the fracture and subsequent reduction of swelling.

With the functional air fracture boot, your gait and the functionality of your foot are retrained.

The functional air fracture boot:

  • It is made of high quality and durable plastic material and so it is very light with a weight of about 1000 grams.
  • It includes three external elastic self-adhesive fastening straps which are applied with plastic mechanisms and adhesive (Velcro).
  • The fabric hypoallergenic lining is washable
  • It has lateral rigid metal panels to ensure stability.
  • Anatomically designed sole absorbent to vibration.

Particular attention should be paid to the use of the air chamber by patients with peripheral diabetic neuropathy and vascular disease.

Available in four sizes depending on the dimensions of the sole:

  • (Small) 36 - 39 cm
  • (Medium) 40 - 43 cm
  • Large) 44 - 47 cm
  • (XLarge): 48 cm
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