Ankle brace with Air/Gel E-AN060

Air/Gel Ankle Brace
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Air/Gel Ankle Brace, suitable for mild to moderate ankle sprain, for chronic ankle instability, and for therapeutic use in sports activities.

The ankle brace with Air/Gel is suitable for mild to moderate ankle sprain, chronic ankle instability, and for protective/therapeutic use in sports activities.

They are anatomically designed and contribute to the extension and stabilization of the foot. Through the rigid outer part, the extension and the bending are controlled and the normal backbend is allowed.

The ankle brace with Air/Gel has air and gel bladders, combined with evenly distributed pressure, suitable for compression and cold therapy. Helps to reduce swelling, has a plastic anatomically-contoured plastic shell for comfortable and relaxing use. Both circumferential straps fit easily, keeping the foot stable.

The ankle brace with Air/Gel can be applied to both the right and left foot and can be worn with sports shoes. It consists of 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Washable in cold water with a gentle cycle and mild soap.

The package includes one piece.

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