Smiths Medical ACE® Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber

Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber Aerochamber Plus
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Smiths Medical ACE® Valved Holding Chamber is a medical device designed to help improve delivery of pressurized metered dose inhaler medications to your lungs.

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The Smiths Medical ACE® may have either a mask or mouthpiece – and will hold the medication for a short time until you are ready to inhale it.  Without the chamber, medication may get trapped in your mouth or throat, which can leave a bad taste which often means that some of the medication isn't reaching your lungs.
ACE® ensures prompt, effective delivery of aerosolized medication from MDI canisters. Its versatile design permits use in a vent circuit, with an incentive spirometer, in conjunction with an endotracheal airway or resuscitation bag, and in routine oral inhalation.
ACE®'s unique, coneshaped chamber maximizes respirable volume, while its clear construction helps clinicians and patients confirm availability of prescribed dose. Silicone ACE® masks attach and detach easily for versatile MDI delivery. Soft rolled edges provide a comfortable, snug fit. Designed for maximum airflow through ACE® spacer. Easy to remove and clean. Available in four sizes.
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