Rotaid Solid Plus outdoor AED cabinet with alarm

Rotaid Solid Plus outdoor AED cabinet with alarm
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Rotaid Solid Plus outdoor AED cabinet with alarm to protect the defibrillator from the most adverse conditions, easy and quick to use. Compatible with most AEDs.

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Rotaid Solid Plus outdoor AED cabinet with alarm for automatic defibrillator suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With its unique round design is ideal for installation in offices, hotels and retail environments where a defibrillator needs to be stored in an easily accessible, central location.

Featuring a 100% polycarbonate cover equipped with recesses for optimal grip and directional arrows for ease of use, the Rotaid Solid Plus cabinet has a clear front vision panel, allowing a responder to clearly identify the defibrillator in place.

The Rotaid Solid Plus AED cabinet is:

  • Suitable for defibrillator unit storage only
  • Designed for wall mount, indoor installation
  • Available with audible alarm
  • High quality construction - made solely from recycled materials
  • Suitable for storing Cardiac Science, Physio-Control Lifepak, Philips HeartStart and Zoll defibrillators
  • Defibrillator is hung on a simple bracket for quick and easy access

The Rotaid Solid Plus Defibrillator cabinet has:

  • Darts in the direction where it opens
  • Highly visible color for ease of identification
  • Circular vision panel makes it easy to identify the stored defibrillator
  • 100% polycarbonate cover fitted with UV filters to protect from direct and indirect sunlight
  • Its 5mm thickness offers complete protection
  • Ensures resistance against dust and water
  • It has a UV filter to protect it from direct and indirect sunlight

The Rotaid Solid Plus Defibrillator box alarm helps the rescuer alert, without having to waste time asking for help himself. It also helps prevent theft of the defibrillator. We are reminded that each of us has the right of access to defibrillators by law.

It is ideal for all interiors such as industries, restaurants, airport lounges and more generally all public gathering areas where defibrillator box resistance is required.


  • Length: 48 cm
  • Height: 48 cm
  • Depth: 18 cm
  • Weight: 6.7 kg

The Rotaid Plus outdoor AED cabinet fits almost all types of defibrillators such as:

Defibtech Lifeline, Heartsine Samaritan, Physio Control, Philips Heartstart, Cardiac Science Powerheart, CardiAid, CU Medical, General Electric Responder, Nihoh Kohden, Primedic, Schiller FRED and Zoll AED Plus.

8 kg
Data sheet
48cm x 48cm x 18cm
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