Heine XHL Xenon halogen Bulbs 2.5V

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Heine XHL Xenon halogen Bulbs 2.5V for the compatible HEINE instruments. Select the appopriate bulb for your HEINE device


Each HEINE bulb is specifically designed as an integral part of the HEINE instrument it powers, based upon the following parameters:

Colour Temperature: Based on advanced HEINE XHL xenon Halogen Technology, each bulb is designed to provide the ideal colour temperature for the diagnosis the instrument is intended for. This ensures a proper balance between illumination brightness and true tissue colour for the most accurate diagnosis.

Bulb Life: HEINE bulbs last up to 50 % longer compared with conventional bulbs, providing long life, optimum performance and cost-effectiveness.

Safety: HEINE bulbs feature advanced design and manufacturing procedures prevent dangerous bulb implosions.

Optical Performance: The performance of each HEINE optical instrument depends on the bulb that powers it. Lenses built into the glass bulb envelope, precision filament placement and homogeneous light projection are major factors in ensuring the satisfactory performance of your HEINE instrument.

We can only guarantee the performance and safety of your instrument if the appropriate HEINE bulb powers it. If a non-original copy of a HEINE bulb is used, the safety and performance of the HEINE instrument will be compromised and the manufacturer‘s guarantee will no longer be valid.

All XHL Xenon Halogen bulbs are now available singly in individual blister packs.

Insist on genuine HEINE replacement bulbs and parts to ensure the correct performance of your HEINE precision instrument.

You must select the appopriate bulb for your HEINE device, available at 2,5V are the: 

X-001.88.032 compatible with: AUTOFOC*, Ophtalmic examination lamp

X-001.88.035 για τα: alpha+* Finoff

X-001.88.038 compatible with: Miroflex, HFR2* spot retinoscope, DELTA 10* dermatoscope, Illuminated loupe 5 x, 8 x (BETA)

X-001.88.041 compatible with: Heine mini 2000* clip lamp, Heine mini 2000* combi lamp, mini* Fibralux

X-001.88.042 compatible with: Heine alpha* Ophthalmoscope, alpha+* Ophthalmoscope, mini 2000* Ophthalmoscope, mini Miroflex*, alpha* Focalux, alpha+* Focalux, mini 2000* Focalux, mini 3000 Focalux

X-001.88.056 compatible with: mini 2000* Otoscope

X-001.88.057 compatible with: mini 3000 laryngeal Mirror, straight laryngeal Mirror

X-001.88.058 compatible with: HSR2* retinoscope

X-001.88.069 compatible with: BETA 200 M2 Ophthalmoscope, BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope, BETA 200s Ophthalmoscope

X-001.88.077 compatible with: LAMBDA 100 retinometer, Finoff Transilluminator, BETA 200 VET Otoscope, slit Illumination Head, BETA 200 Otoscope, K 180 Otoscope

X-001.88.084 compatible with: K 180 Ophthalmoscope

X-001.88.110 compatible with: mini 3000 Otoscope

* Heine instrument is no longer available

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Heine XHL Xenon halogen Bulbs 2.5V

Heine XHL Xenon halogen Bulbs 2.5V

Heine XHL Xenon halogen Bulbs 2.5V for the compatible HEINE instruments. Select the appopriate bulb for your HEINE device

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