Mamivac Nipple Shields

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Set of 2 protective nipple shields for injured and sensitive nipples. read more..

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Protect sore or sensitive nipples. To be used on sensitive, sore or painful nipples. Help also with flat and retracted nipples or with baby's nipple confusion. Due to the unique shape, the baby directly feels the mother's warmth and perceives her smell.
Best body contact between mother and child. The well sticking nipple shields are made of thin, skin-friendly and tasteless silicone. Can be sterilised and boiled.

  • Ks – Conical Small; D = 20 mm 
  • L – Large; D = 28 mm 

  • S – Small; D = 18 mm
  • M – Medium; D = 22 mm

Available sizes and shapes Προστατευτικό θηλής

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